(a)  Temporary assignment requests for temporary assignment of vehicles shall be made on Form FM‑2 signed by the proper agency supervisor and presented to the dispatcher at the assigning motor pool.  Forms shall be provided by the Division to all requesting agencies.

(1)           Before a vehicle may be picked up, a valid North Carolina driver's license shall be presented to the motor pool dispatcher by the assigned driver and all other passengers who are subject to drive the vehicle during its temporary assignment.

(2)           Temporary assignments are intended to meet the needs of state employees who require transportation on a short‑term (one to thirty days) basis.  All temporarily assigned vehicles shall be returned immediately upon completion of trip or at end of use.

(3)           Temporary assignments shall not be renewed.

(4)           If the vehicle assignment is originally requested for a period in excess of 30 calendar days, the request must be processed as a permanent assignment (see "Permanent Assignments" in this Rule).

(5)           All temporarily assigned vehicles shall be returned to the motor pool from which it was originally dispatched.  During the temporary assignment, the driver should make note of any malfunctions encountered and any repairs and adjustments needed and report them to a fuel pump attendant upon returning the vehicle to the motor pool.

(b)  Permanent Assignments.  Requests for vehicles to be assigned to individuals or agencies on a permanent or indefinite basis or for a period in excess of 30 calendar days shall be made on Form FM‑30, signed by the department head or his/her designee, and forwarded to the Division at least 10 calendar days prior to date of need.  A photocopy of the permanently assigned driver's valid North Carolina driver's license shall be submitted with the FM‑30.  All permanently assigned vehicles shall be returned to Motor Fleet Management on Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, at the end of assignment unless otherwise instructed by the Division.  The Division shall not approve requests for assignment or reassignment when the purpose of that assignment or reassignment is to provide any employee with a newer or lower mileage vehicle because of his or her rank, management authority, or length of service or because of any non job‑related reason.  A reassignment (a transfer of a vehicle from one employee to another) may occur when filling vacant positions to which a vehicle is assigned.  A form FM‑30 must be submitted by the requesting agency and approved by the Division before the vehicle may be reassigned.  The requesting agency must attach a memorandum to the FM‑30 explaining the request for reassignment.  If approved, a Division approved copy of the FM‑30 will be sent to the agency granting permission for the new driver to take possession of the vehicle.  All exchanges of lower mileage and/or better quality vehicles to senior or higher ranking employees and higher mileage and/or lower quality vehicles to junior employees will be denied.

(c)  The Division will not assign "special use" vehicles such as four wheel drive vehicles or law enforcement vehicles to any agency or individual except upon written justification, verified by historical data, and accepted by the Secretary of the Department of Administration.

(1)           All assignments of four‑wheel drive and law enforcement vehicles must be reviewed.  A memorandum, accompanied by historical data, must be sent to the Division for each individual vehicle assigned.

(2)           All requests for "special use" vehicles must be on a completed FM‑30 accompanied by a memorandum explaining the intended use of the vehicle.  Attached to the memorandum should be evidence substantiating the necessity for this type of vehicle, which must be verified by historical data.

(3)           The agency or individual to whom the vehicle is assigned is responsible for forwarding this information to the Division.  The Division will forward all justification requests to the Secretary of the Department of Administration.

(4)           The agency will be notified, in writing, of the Secretary's decision.  If the assignment request is denied, the requesting agency will be notified by the Division of a date for the return of the vehicle to the Division.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143‑341(8)i;

Eff. October 1, 1992.