01 NCAC 43A .0309         REJECTION OF BIDS

(a)  Any and all bids may be rejected.  Bids may be rejected in whole or in part if:

(1)           The bidder has failed to pay for or pick up surplus property awarded;

(2)           The bid is submitted by an ineligible bidder pursuant to Rule .0315 of this Section;

(3)           The bid does not fully comply with the terms and conditions of the request/solicitation for bid;

(4)           The bid is not legible or lacks completeness;

(5)           The bid does not comply with the bid policies of State Surplus Property Agency; or

(6)           Bid rejection is recommended by the State Capitol Police, State Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or other Homeland Security entity.  In such cases, the security entity must provide a written statement requesting rejection and that the recommendation is based on homeland security concerns.  In the event of receipt of a security based bid rejection recommendation, the State Surplus Property Agency shall reject the bid without further supporting documentation.

(b)  If a bid is rejected in whole or part, the subject property may be re-advertised, sold at the highest bidder's amount, the next higher bid accepted, or sale negotiated, in the best interests of the State, without recourse to further bidding.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-64.01; 143-64.04;

Eff. July 1, 2007.