(a)  Subject to G.S. 20-187.2, Surplus weapons and firearms possessed by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, North Carolina Department of Correction, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, State Capitol Police, and other non-military armed state security agencies shall be sold through the State Surplus Property Agency upon notification in writing to the State Surplus Property Agency that such weapons or firearms are surplus. 

(b)  The notification shall list each weapon by description and serial number.

(c)  Weapons and firearms are subject to transfer between non-military armed state security agencies.

(d)  The selling agency is responsible for notifying the State Surplus Property Agency of any federal or state restrictions on sale of non-firearm weapons.

(e)  The State Surplus Property Agency, if requested, shall make available to federally licensed firearms dealers a list of firearms to be sold and a statement of the times and locations at which they may be inspected. 

(f)  Surplus weapons and firearms sales shall be made by competitive bids. 

(g)  When payment has been received in full by the State Surplus Property Agency, the State Surplus Property Agency shall authorize the release of the weapons to the successful bidder; provided, however, that no weapons shall be released to any person without the production of satisfactory proof of identification and, in the case of firearms, a valid federal firearms license.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-63.1; 143-64.01; 143-64.04;

Eff. June 1, 2007.