01 NCAC 43A .0320         PAYMENT

All payments must be in the form of cash (retail sales only), cashier's or certified check, postal money order, or other methods as approved by the Department of Administration Fiscal Officer.  Payment for retail sales items must be at the time of purchase.  Payment in full for all other property purchases must be made by the time and date indicated on the notice of award.  Extensions to pay or remove property must be in accordance with 01 NCAC 43A. 0314.  No property may be removed by the successful bidder prior to full payment of the purchase price.  Payments for retail sales shall be made at the retail site where the property is located.  All other payments must be made directly to the State Surplus Property Agency.  Agencies are not authorized to accept payments on behalf of the State Surplus Property Agency.  If an agency releases property prior to receiving documentation that payment in full has been made to the State Surplus Property Agency said agency shall assume all liability related to the release.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-64.01; 143-64.04;

Eff. June 1, 2007.