02 NCAC 09L .1401          DEFINITIONS

All specific words or terms used in this Section other than those defined below shall have the same definitions as shown in the North Carolina Pesticide Law of 1971, G.S. 143‑460:

(1)           Adverse Effect.  Personal injury, damage to personal property, damage to real property, damage to the environment or any combination of these;

(2)           Drift.  The airborne movement of pesticides resulting from the application of pesticides such as to carry the pesticides beyond the target area;

(3)           Environment.  Water, air, land, and all plants and man and other animals living therein and the interrelationships which exist among these;

(4)           Identification of Farm.  For record keeping purposes, licensed pesticide applicators shall use ASCS farm number or common name of farm or address of farm or other practical means of identification of farm;

(5)           Identification of Site.  For record keeping purposes, federal, state or public agencies or licensed pesticide applicators under contractural agreement with or under supervision of such an agency shall use statewide or name(s) of county(s) or name(s) of city(s) or name(s) of body(s) of water or other practical means of identification of site.  All other licensed pesticide applicators shall use name of specific right‑of‑way or name and address of golf course or specific address of site or other more definitive practical means of identification of site;

(6)           Object.  A physical or living thing occurring on a site; e.g., a structure, animal, tree, ornamental plant, or material.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143‑458; 143‑463; 143‑466(a);

Eff. October 21, 1977;

Amended Eff. November 1, 1988; August 1, 1985; February 5, 1978.