02 NCAC 60B .1030          FEES AND CHARGES

(a)  The following fee schedule shall apply at DuPont State Recreational Forest and the Community Building at Jordan Lake Educational State Forest:

(1)           CAMPING.

(A)          Primitive, unimproved campsite with portable toilets and fresh water available, $9.00 per campsite, daily.

(B)          Primitive group tent camping, unimproved campsite with portable toilets, $1.00 per person, daily, with $9.00 minimum.

(C)          Improved group camping with water, restrooms and shower facilities available, $40.00 per day, and maximum capacity of 35 people.


(A)          Are by reservations only.

(B)          Rate: 1-2 tables, $25.00; 3-4 tables, $40.00; 5-8 tables, $60.00.

(3)           CLASSROOM OR COMMUNITY BUILDING (DuPont State Recreational Forest and Jordan Lake Educational State Forest).

(A)          Fee may be waived for government agencies and natural resource related non-profit groups.

(B)          Rates: One half day, $75.00; Full day, $150.00.


(A)          Barn or paddocks (fee may be waived for volunteer work groups), $10.00 per horse, daily.

(B)          Use is limited to non-profit groups and area summer camps.

(5)           PERMITS FOR SPECIAL EVENTS. Permits for use of the forest for events involving large groups or special privileges and requiring staff assistance: Rate: $1.00 per person plus the cost of staff time and equipment use involved in monitoring the permit.

(6)           PERMITS FOR THE REMOVAL OF FIREWOOD, VEGETATIVE MATERIAL, ROCKS, ETC. Fees for these items are based on the value of the material as determined by local market conditions.

(b)  Payment of the appropriate fee shall be a prerequisite for the use of the public service facility or convenience provided.

(c)  Unless otherwise provided in this Rule, the number of persons camping at a particular site may be limited by the forest supervisor depending upon the size of the group and the size and nature of the campsite.

(d)  Reservations must be canceled 30 days prior to the event in order to receive a refund. Permit fees are non-refundable.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 106-22; 106-870; 106-877; 106-887;

Eff. June 14, 2010;

Transferred from 15A NCAC 09C .1257 Eff. May 1, 2012;

Readopted Eff. April 1, 2018.