R1-03     PARTIES

(a)  Classification. - Parties to proceedings before the Commission are designated as applicants, petitioners, complainants, defendants, respondents, protestants, or interveners, according to the nature of the proceeding and the relationship of the parties thereto.

(b)  Applicants and Petitioners. - Persons filing formal written requests with the Commission for some right, privilege, or authority within the jurisdiction of the Commission to grant are designated as applicants or petitioners. These designations are used synonymously in many sections of the statute.

(c)  Public Staff of the Commission. - Persons appearing under statutory authority of G.S. 62-15.

(d)  Complainants. - Persons who complain of acts or things done or omitted to be done in violation of some law administered by the Commission, or in violation of some rule, regulation, or order issued by the Commission, are designated as complainants.

(e)  Defendants. - Persons against whom a complaint is filed are termed defendants.

(f)  Respondents. - Persons named in an order of investigation, rule to show cause, or complaint made by the Commission upon its own motion are termed respondents.

(g)  Protestants. - Persons who oppose the granting of an application or petition are designated as protestants.

(h)  Interveners. - Persons, other than the original parties to a pending proceeding, who voluntarily become parties thereto with leave of the Commission, are designated as interveners. (NCUC Docket No. M-100, Sub 75, 10/27/77.)