(a)  Reparation Statements; Formal Claims for Reparation Based upon Findings of the Commission. - When the Commission finds that reparation is due, but that the amount cannot be ascertained upon the record before it, the complainant should immediately prepare a statement showing details of the utility charges on which reparation is claimed. The statement should not include any utility charges not covered by the Commission's findings, or any utility charges on which complaint was not filed with the Commission within the statutory period. (See G.S. 62-132.) The statement, together with the said bills on the utility charges, or true copies thereof, should then be forwarded to the utility which collected the charges for checking and certification as to its accuracy. The certificate must be signed in ink by a general accounting officer of the utility and should cover all of the information shown in the statement. If the utility which collected the charges is not a defendant in the case its certificate must be concurred in by like signature on behalf of a defendant.

(b)  Applications of Transportation Companies to Award Reparation or Waive Collection of Undercharges. - Whenever application is made to the Commission with copies to the Public Staff to award reparation or waive collection of undercharges on shipments that have moved between points in North Carolina, in addition to full explanation in justification of said applications, Form No. 1, at the end of this rule, shall be submitted also and same shall be handled in manner outlined in the preceding subsection.

(NCUC Docket No. M‑100, Sub 75, 10/27/77.)


 FORM NO. 1.


 IMPORTANT.-Before making out statement read Rule R1‑18 carefully.

Form No. 1. - Form of Reparation or Waiver of Undercharge Statement Under Rule R1‑18.

Claim No. _ of Richard Roe under the decision of the Utilities Commission in Docket No. _


For full text of form, please see the 1995 Edition.