(a)  Repealed.

(b)  Repealed.

(c)  Passengers, fire‑fighting equipment, medical and hospital supplies, food, feed, clothing, and other articles necessary for immediate relief of or direct prevention of fires, sickness, accident, storm, flood, or similar catastrophes, may be transported by any person in any available vehicle without notice to or authority from the Commission.

(d)  Repealed.

(e)  Repealed.

(f)  Repealed.

(g)  The lease of equipment with driver for use in private transportation of property is prohibited unless the private carrier leases vehicle(s) and driver(s) from a single source on an intrastate basis and the lease contains the following requirements:

(1)           the leased equipment must be exclusively committed to the lessee's use for the term of the lease;

(2)           the lessee must have exclusive dominion and control over the transportation service during the term of the lease;

(3)           the lessee must maintain liability insurance for any injury caused in the course of performing the transportation service;

(4)           the lessee must be responsible for compliance with safety regulations;

(5)           the lessee must bear the risk of damage to cargo; and

(6)           the term of the lease must be for a minimum period of 30 days.

(h)  Repealed

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