(a)  Unless the applicant elects to accept only the type of authority set out in the application, the Commission will grant such authority as the evidence shows the applicant is entitled to receive; that is to say, if the applicant has misconceived the nature of his proposed operation, or has misconstrued the meaning of terms used in his application, the Commission will disregard the form of the application and grant such authority within the scope of the application as the applicant is entitled to receive upon the facts.

(b)  Repealed.

(c)  Repealed.

(d)  Repealed.

(NCUC Docket No. M‑100, Sub 13, 10/5/67; NCUC Docket No. M‑100, Sub 34, 6/4/70; NCUC Docket No. T-100, Sub 32, 8/23/95.)