(a)  Except for good cause shown, no party or person shall be heard in opposition to an application for a certificate of exemption unless such party or person shall have filed a protest to such application no more than 15 days from the filing date of the application.

(b)  All protests shall be in writing, shall be verified by the protestant, and shall show whether or not the protestant holds a certificate of exemption from the Commission. The protests shall only be based upon the applicant's fitness or financial solvency. Parties holding certificates of exemption may join in one protest signed and verified by one of the parties.

(c)  The original and two (2) complete copies of the protest must be filed with the Commission within the 15-day time period fixed for filing protests, and it must appear in the verification or in some statement attached to the protest that a copy thereof has been mailed or delivered to the applicant or to his attorney, if any, as shown in the application.

(d)  The Commission shall set the application for hearing upon receipt of a valid protest.


(NCUC Docket No. T-100, Sub 49, 02/02/04.)