R2‑37 Commodity description.

Group 1. General Commodities. [Repealed.]

Group 2. Heavy Commodities. [Repealed.]

Group 3. Petroleum and Petroleum Products, Liquid, in Bulk in Tank Trucks. [Repealed.]

Group 4. Liquid Refrigerated Products in Bulk. [Repealed.]

Group 5. Solid Refrigerated Products. [Repealed.]

Group 6. Agricultural Commodities. [Repealed.]

Group 7. Cotton in Bales. [Repealed.]

Group 8. Dry Fertilizer and Dry Fertilizer Materials. [Deleted.]

Group 9. Forest Products. [Deleted.]

Group 10. Building Materials. [Repealed.]

Group 11. Livestock. [Repealed.]

Group 12. Explosives and Other Dangerous Articles. [Repealed.]

Group 13. Motor Vehicles. [Repealed.]

Group 14. Dump Truck Operations. [Repealed.]

Group 15. Retail Store Delivery Service. [Repealed.]

Group 16. Furniture Factory Goods and Supplies. [Repealed.]

Group 17. Textile Mill Goods and Supplies. [Repealed.]

Group 18. Household Goods. The term "household goods'', as used in connection with transportation, means personal effects and property used or to be used in a dwelling, when a part of the equipment or supply of such dwelling, and similar property if the transportation of such effects or property is arranged and paid for by the householder or another party.

Group 18-B. Household Goods Retail Delivery. [Repealed.]

Group 19. Unmanufactured Tobacco and Accessories. [Repealed.]

Group 20. Motion Picture Film and Special Service. [Repealed.]

Group 21. Other Specific Commodities. [Repealed.]

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