R2-40     Bill of lading

(a) Every common carrier of household goods by motor vehicle and the motor carriers voluntarily participating in this rule pursuant to G.S. 62-152.2 receiving property for transportation shall issue a uniform bill of lading therefore, the form, terms, and conditions to be set out in the Maximum Rate Tariff issued by the Commission.

(b) A complete copy of every such bill of lading, or a full and complete record thereof made at the time the same is issued, shall be kept by the carrier in numerical or chronological order separate from other records for a period of three (3) years, and the same shall be available for inspection by the Commission or its agents.

(NCUC Docket No. T-100, Sub 32, 8/23/95; NCUC Docket No. T-100, Sub 49, 01/09/04.)