R2‑53.2 NATIONAL EMERGENCY; ADOPTION OF MOBILIZATION ORDERS OF THE federal motor carrier safety administration

(a)  The following Orders adopted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for control of motor transportation during the national emergency are hereby adopted for application to intrastate commerce within the State of North Carolina:

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑1 - Preference and Priority for the Transportation by Carriers for Hire of United States Military Personnel, Accredited Civil Defense Workers and United States Mail.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑2 - Rail Freight Embargo - Appointment of Permit Agent.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑3 - Motor Freight Embargo.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑4 - Inland Waterways Freight Embargo.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑5 - Disposal by Carriers of Undeliverable Shipments.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑6 - Control of Railroad Tank Cars.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑7 - Rerouting of Rail Traffic.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑8 - Direction to Certain Over‑The‑Road Motor Carriers of Property Regarding Routes, Diversions and Service to Certain Destinations.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑9 - Direction to Certain Intercity Common Carriers of Persons by Bus to Serve Certain Points.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑10 - Control of Motor Transport Vehicles.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑11 - Control of Freight Shipments to or within Port or Storage Areas.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑12 - Inventory and Disposition of Shipments of Food and Medical Supplies Requisitioned by Government in Possession of Railroads and Motor Carriers.

PROCEDURAL ORDER ICC TM‑11‑PO-1 - Procedures and Delegations of Authority under General Order ICC TM‑11 for Rail Shipments.

GENERAL ORDER ICC TM‑13 - Control of Liquid Transport Vessels.

(b)  The above Orders of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shall become effective as to intrastate commerce within North Carolina only upon the proclamation of the existence of a state of civil defense emergency by the President or by concurrent resolution of the Congress.

(NCUC General Order Docket No. D‑1, 3/1/65; NCUC General Order Docket No. D‑1, Sub 1, 2/19/70; NCUC Docket No. T-100, Sub 49, 01/09/04.)