(a)  Adequate bus station facilities commensurate with the requirements of the traveling public must be provided by all motor carriers of passengers subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission in cities or towns in which service is rendered. 

(b)  All bus passenger waiting rooms shall be supplied with good, pure drinking water easily accessible to passengers; and shall be so lighted, heated, ventilated and equipped as to render occupants of the same reasonably comfortable, the circumstances of each case being considered.

(c)  In all cities where the service requires full time employees, or exclusive station buildings, or exclusive space in buildings constructed primarily for other purposes, adequate accommodations shall be provided, including comfort stations and rest rooms with running water.

(d)  In all towns and cities where agents are employed on commission and the station is located in a place with another business, adequate accommodations shall be provided, insofar as it is practicable to do so, the circumstances in each instance to be taken into consideration.

(e)  In providing bus station facilities, the gross receipts from ticket sales shall be considered as a factor, but not necessarily the controlling factor in determining the cost of construction, operation and maintenance of the station.

(f)  All bus station waiting rooms shall be equipped with a fire extinguisher, bearing the label of approval of the Fire Underwriters' Association, which shall be filled and kept in good serviceable condition, and shall be so placed as to be plainly visible and readily accessible and easily removable from the holders; provided, however, this requirement shall not apply to those ticket agencies where some other endeavor is the principal business or one of the principal businesses and the selling of bus tickets is incidental to such principal business or businesses.