(a)  Except as provided by Rule R4-4(b), all tariffs and supplements shall be filed with the Commission at least 30 days before the date upon which they are to become effective.

(b)  A carrier shall post and file in a place accessible to the public, at each of its stations or offices which is in charge of a person employed exclusively by such carrier or by it jointly with one or more other carriers and at which persons or property is received for transportation, all of the tariffs containing fares, rates, charges, classifications, and rules or other provisions applying from, or at, such station or office. Each carrier shall also maintain at its principal office in North Carolina a complete file of all tariffs issued by it or by its agents in a place accessible to the public, and employees of the carrier shall be required to give any desired information contained in such tariffs, to lend assistance to seekers of information therefrom, and to afford inquirers opportunity to examine any of such tariffs without requiring the inquirer to assign any reason for such desire.

(c)  Repealed.

(d)  Repealed.

(e)  Repealed.

(f)  Repealed.

(NCUC Docket No. T-100, Sub 15, 1/24/92 and 3/6/92, effective 2/23/92; NCUC Docket No. T-100, Sub 32, 8/23/95.)