Transportation tariffs received by and filed with the Transportation Rates Division not later than noon of a workday will be stamped as received on the last preceding workday provided such workday does not precede in time the issuance date of the publication. Such publications received by or filed with the Commission on an afternoon of a workday will be stamped as received the day on which filed. The date tariffs are stamped as received shall be counted as a day of notice but the effective date of said tariffs shall not be counted. G.S. 62-134 and such orders issued thereunder will be considered complied with when such publications are on file with the Commission for the authorized period of time.

(NCUC Docket No. M‑100, Sub 3, 7/30/64; NCUC Docket No. M‑100, Sub 75, 10/27/77; NCUC Docket No. T-100, Sub 32, 8/23/95.)