The utility shall file with the Commission the following documents and information, and shall maintain such documents and information in a current status:

(1)           A copy of the utility's tariff, including the utility's rules, or terms and conditions describing the utility's policies and practices in rendering service.  These rules shall include:

a.             The standard total heating value of the gas in BTUs per cubic foot.  If necessary, this may be listed by district, division, or community.

b.             The list of the items which the utility furnishes, owns, and maintains on the customer's premises, such as gas services, meters, regulators, vents, and shut-off valves.

c.             General statement indicating the extent to which the utility will provide free service in the adjustment of customer's appliances.

d.             General statement of the utility's policy in making adjustments for wastage of gas when such wastage occurs without the knowledge of the customer.

e.             A statement indicating the minimum number of days allowed for payment of the gross amount of the customer's bill before service will be discontinued for nonpayment.

(2)           A copy of each special contract for service.

(3)           A copy of each type of customer bill form.

(4)           A map showing the utility's operating area.  This map shall be revised annually unless such revision is unnecessary, in which event the utility shall notify the Commission that the map on file is current. The map should show:

a.             Gas production plant.

b.             Principal storage holders.

c.             Principal transmission and distribution mains by size.

d.             System metering (supply) points.

e.             State boundary crossings.

f.             Franchise area.

g.             Names of all communities (post offices) served.

(5)           The name, title, address, and telephone number of the person who should be contacted in connection with:

a.             General management duties.

b.             Customer relations (complaints).

c.             Engineering operations.

d.             Meter tests and repairs.

e.             Emergencies during nonoffice hours.

(6)           A copy of the utility's construction and operational budget filed annually by said utility.

(7)           Monthly reports of gas service.

a.             Each utility shall file a "Gas Service" monthly report, on forms provided by the Commission, showing:

1.             The daily and the monthly average heating value of the gas.

2.             Interruptions of service occurring during the month.

3.             Meter report G 1 (revised).

b.             These reports shall be due in the Commission's offices within thirty (30) days after the end of the month reported.

(8)           The responsibility for the maintenance of necessary records to establish that compliance with these rules has been accomplished rests with the utility. Such records shall be available for inspection at all times by the Commission or the Commission Staff or the Public Staff.

(9)           Two copies of annual report on forms furnished by the Commission.

(10)         a.             At least 30 days prior to the construction or major reconstruction of any gas pipeline or main intended to be subjected to pressures in excess of 100 psig, a report shall be filed with the North Carolina Utilities Commission setting forth the specifications for such pipeline or main.

b.             The Commission shall be advised with at least 24 hours' notice prior to the testing of any gas pipeline or main intended to be subjected to pressures in excess of 100 psig.

c.             Within 60 days after the construction of any gas pipeline or main intended to be subjected to pressures in excess of 100 psig is placed in operation, a report shall be filed with the North Carolina Utilities Commission certifying the maximum pressure to which the line is intended to be subjected and also certifying that the pipeline has been constructed and tested in accordance with the requirements of the rules herein prescribed, which report shall include the results of all tests made pursuant thereto. No gas pipeline shall be operated at pressures in excess of the pressure for which it was certified to the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

(11)         Each franchised natural gas local distribution company (LDC) shall file reports with the Commission detailing its plans for providing natural gas service in unserved areas of its franchised territory.  Such reports shall be updated at least every two years on or before October 31 of odd numbered years and, at a minimum, shall include the following:

(a)           A map or maps that show the LDC's existing franchise area and areas where gas is currently available, including municipalities and unincorporated areas, and the locations of transmission and high pressure distribution mains outside of corporate limits.

(b)           If the LDC had a project to serve an unserved area in progress at the time the immediately preceding report was filed, a description of each such project, including, as appropriate, its current status and its estimated date of completion.

(c)           A summary of all requests or inquiries about service from potential large commercial and industrial customers considering locations not economically feasible to serve under the LDC's approved plan for the extension of mains and service lines.

(d)           If the LDC has no unserved areas, the report should so state and no further information, beyond that required above, is required to be included.

(e)           If the LDC has one or more unserved areas within its franchise territory, the following additional information must be included:

(i)            A description of project(s) that would extend natural gas to such unserved areas, including maps showing the proposed routes for natural gas pipelines and the proposed timetable for completion of the project(s).  Said maps should show the areas in which the LDC plans to offer natural gas service within the next three years, including the location of proposed facilities, relative to currently served areas.

(ii)           An explanation of the reason(s) it is not proposing to extend natural gas service to each unserved area.

(iii)          Construction budgets for each planned project.

(iv)          An estimate of the number of customers to be served from each planned project, broken down as to customer class with projected annual revenues from each class and total revenues from all projects for each of the next three years subsequent to completion.

(v)           A present value analysis for each planned project.

(vi)          A financing plan detailing the key terms for possible sources of funds to finance each planned project, including natural gas expansion funds, natural gas bonds, contributions in aid of construction, various types of public financing, or issuances of debt, equity, and other types of external financings.

(vii)         All workpapers supporting the determinations, analysis, or conclusions contained in the study or studies shall be provided to the Commission and the Public Staff. If additional information is required, each LDC will provide such information promptly upon request to the Commission and the Public Staff.


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