Unless otherwise specified by the Commission, the utility shall use the applicable provisions in the publications listed below as standards of accepted good practice.

(1)           The ASME Guide for Gas Piping Systems - Appendix G‑K (Leakage Classification).

(2)           The latest edition of the American Standards Association pamphlet, ASA Z21.30, "Installation of Gas Appliances and Gas Piping in Buildings," or the latest edition of the National Board of Fire Underwriters publication, NFPA No. 54, "Piping, Appliances and Fittings for City Gas."

(3)           The current edition of the NFPA No. 59, "The Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases at Utility Gas Plants."

(4)           "Standard Methods of Gas Testing," Circular No. 48, National Bureau of Standards, 1961. (The applicable portions of this circular have been substantially reproduced in the American Meter Company Handbook E‑4, covering the testing of positive displacement meters.)

(5)           "Testing Large Capacity Rotary Gas Meters," Research Paper No. 1741, National Bureau of Standards Journal of Research, September, 1946.

(6)           "Standard Method of Test for Calorific Value of Gaseous Fuels by Water‑Flow Calorimeter," American Society for Testing Materials, Standard D 900‑55.

(7)           "Purging Principles and Practices," American Gas Association.

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