(a)  A report of a gas leak shall be considered as an emergency requiring immediate attention.

(b)  The reporting rules and requirements regarding transportation of natural gas and other gas by pipeline as adopted in 49 CFR Part 191 in effect on June 4, 1984, and any subsequent amendments thereto, are adopted with the following modifications:

(1)           Section 191.3(1)(ii) - Change "$50,000" to "$5,000"

(2)           Section 191.9(c) - Delete

(3)           Section 191.11(b)(2) - Delete

(c)  This rule shall be applicable to all natural gas operators subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission pursuant to G.S. 62‑50.

(d)  All natural gas operators shall submit two (2) copies of each report called for in Part 191 of Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, to the Commission. The Chief of the Gas Pipeline Safety Division of the Commission is hereby authorized to transmit one (1) copy of each such required report to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Materials Transportation Bureau, Office of Operation and Enforcement.

NCUC Docket No. G‑100, Sub 11, 3/5/70; NCUC Docket No. G‑100, Sub 43, 8/6/84.)