04 NCAC 11 R06-70.  Uniform system of accounts.

For utilities with annual accounting and reporting periods based on the calendar year, effective January 1, 2002, and for utilities with fiscal year accounting and reporting periods, effective with fiscal years beginning in 2002, the Uniform System of Accounts Prescribed for Natural Gas Companies Subject to the Provisions of the Natural Gas Act, as currently embodied in the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 18, Part 201, and as revised periodically, is hereby adopted by this Commission as its accounting rules for natural gas utilities and is prescribed for the use of all natural gas utilities under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Utilities Commission, subject to the following exceptions and conditions unless otherwise ordered by the Commission:

(1)           All orders and practices of the Commission in effect as of the effective date of this Rule with any accounting impacts that conflict with provisions of the Uniform System of Accounts shall remain in effect, and future such orders and practices with such impacts shall supersede the provisions of the Uniform System of Accounts for North Carolina retail jurisdictional purposes.

(2)           All references to federal statutes, federal regulations, and other federal documents are to be ignored or deleted where they are not applicable to the jurisdiction exercised by this Commission.

(3)           Instead of natural gas companies being divided into Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D categories, all companies shall be treated as Class A companies.

(SOURCE: Administrative Order issued in Docket No. G-100, Sub 1, February 18, 1960; NCUC Docket No. G-100, Sub 7, 5/31/67; NCUC Docket No. G-100, Sub 10, 7/26/67; NCUC Docket No. G-100, Sub 20, 5/24/74; NCUC Docket No. G-100, Sub 83, 10/12/01.)