(a)  A Surcharge Deposit Report shall be filed by an LDC with an approved surcharge on a monthly basis concurrent with each deposit into the Fund. This report shall include, by rate schedule, the information required by the Commission in the format approved by the Commission.

(b)  Whenever an LDC with an established Fund seeks to deposit funds from sources other than surcharges, it shall file a Request to Deposit Funds from Other Sources. This report shall contain a description of the source of the funds, the total dollar amount, and the docket number at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, if any.

(c)  The Commission shall determine the status of each LDC's Fund on a monthly basis and prepare a monthly Expansion Fund Financial Statement for each LDC with an established Fund.

(d)  Each LDC with an established Fund shall file reports with each Request for Reimbursement or at least quarterly. These reports shall be filed in the formats approved by the Commission, and these reports are as follows:

(1)           A Summary of Construction Cost Reimbursements and

(2)           A separate Project Status Report for each Project containing three separate sections: (a) Budget Versus Actual Cost Data, (b) Construction Cost Summary, and (c) Current Reimbursement Requested.

 (e)  A comprehensive annual report on all activity in the Fund for the fiscal year ending November 30 shall be filed by each LDC with an established Fund by February 1 of each year and the report shall be in the format approved by the Commission. (NCUC Docket No. G-100, Sub 57, 4/9/92.)