(a)  Utility. - The term "utility" when used in these rules and regulations includes persons and corporations, or their lessees, trustees, and receivers, now or hereafter, distributing or furnishing water to the public for compensation as defined in G.S. 62‑3.

(b)  Customers. - The word "customers" as used in these rules shall be construed to mean any person, group of persons, firm, corporation, institution, or other service body furnished water service by a water utility.

(c)  Municipality. - The term "municipality" when used in these rules includes a city, a county, a village, a town, and any other public body existing, created, or organized as a government under the Constitution or laws of the State.

(d)  Accidents. - Accidents as used herein are defined as other than motor vehicle accidents which do not create a service interruption that result in one or more of the following circumstances:

(1)           Death of a person.

(2)           Serious disabling to persons including employees of a company.

(3)           Damage to the property of the company materially affecting its  service to the public.

(4)           Damage to the property of others amounting to more than $1,000.

(e)  Interruptions of Service. - "Interruptions of service" as used herein means any interruption to the water supply whereby at least ten (10) customers have no water service for more than two (2) hours, whether scheduled or unscheduled.

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