(a)  Approval Required. - Rates, schedules, rules, regulations, special contracts, and other charges for the purchase, sale, or distribution of water shall not become effective until filed with and approved by the Commission.

(b)  Manner of Filing. - Tariffs containing all the rates, rules, and regulations of each utility shall be filed in the manner prescribed by the Commission.

(c)  Utility's Special Rules.

(1)           A utility desiring to establish any rule or requirement affecting its customers shall first make application to the Commission for approval of the same, clearly stating in its application the reason for such establishment.

(2)           On or after ninety days from the effective date of these rules and regulations any utility's special rules and regulations now on file with the Commission which conflict with these rules will become null and void unless they have been refiled and approved by the Commission.

(d)  Charge for Returned Checks. - Each water utility shall file tariffs with the Commission to impose charges in an amount to be approved by the Commission for checks tendered on a customer's account and returned for insufficient funds. This charge shall apply regardless of when the check is tendered.

(NCUC Docket No. W‑100, Sub 6, 4/18/88.)