(a)  Metered. - All water sold within the State of North Carolina, except as hereinafter stated, shall be by metered measurements. All customers served under a given rate schedule shall have their water consumption measured with meters having suitable characteristics.

(b)  Unmetered. - Where it is impractical or uneconomical to install meters to measure temporary service or to measure use of a fixed character, then such service may be supplied unmetered, provided, that the price charged for the service shall be estimated as nearly as practicable to what would be charged if meters were in use.

(c)  Waste or Fraud. - The utility shall have the right to set meters or other devices for the detection and prevention of fraud or waste, without notice to the customer.

(d)  Payment for Water Used Where Meter Tampered With. - In any case where a service meter or service facility has been tampered with so as to interfere with accuracy of registration or indication, the utility whose meter or service facilities have been tampered with shall be entitled to payment for water used but not registered during a period not exceeding one year prior to the date of discovery of the tampering, unless the time of tampering can be shown, in which case the water not registered subsequent to such time shall be paid for.

(e)  Abuse of Flat Rate Service. - Wherever flat rate service is furnished for a special use and a demonstrated abuse of such service occurs, the utility shall have the right, upon written notice to the customer, to meter such service and bill for same under an applicable schedule.