(a)  The rate fixed in the schedule to be paid for fire hydrants contemplates the use of a sufficient amount of water through said hydrants for the bona fide purpose of extinguishing fires, by or under the supervision of fire department employees or officials, and does not authorize the use of said hydrants and the water that flows therefrom by any unauthorized person.

(b)  The company may require all new consumers who desire both regular commercial service and fire protection service to install separate service lines, one to be used only for fire protection. The company may require all old consumers who now have only one service connection for combined commercial service and for fire protection to install separate lines, all expenses incurred in making such change to be paid for by the company. In cases where separate lines are installed, the consumer is not permitted to take water from the fire protection line except for the extinguishing of fires or for fire drills. Neither will the company permit an interconnection to be made between the regular service line and the fire protection line.