(a) Reporting. - A complete record of all tests and adjustments with sufficient data to allow checking of test calculations shall be recorded by the meter man and shall be reported to the Commission as required on such form or forms as may be prescribed by the Commission.

The test records shall be so kept that they may be readily inspected and checked by the Commission or Public Staff.

(b) Meter Records. - All meters shall have a number plainly stenciled or stamped on the meter case or lid, or stamped upon a metal strip, suitably attached to meter or case.

It is recommended that a separate card be prepared for each meter; that this card be so arranged that the date and data of each test may be entered thereon; that the card be of such character that a marker system can be used that will record the date of the last test and indicate the proper date for the next periodic test required by these rules.

(c) Preservation of Records.


      Length of

Type of Records                                                   Time to Be Retained


Interruption of                                                      2 years from date of

 Service Records                                                       interruption

Accident Records                                                Permanently

Meter Test Records                                             5 years

Pressure Records                                                 2 years


(NCUC Docket No. M‑100, Sub 75, 10/27/77.)