R8‑09     LOCATION

(a)  No consumer's meter shall be installed in any location where it may be unreasonably exposed to heat, cold, dampness or other cause of damage, or in any unduly dirty or inaccessible location.

(b)  Meters should not be placed in coal or wood bins or on partitions forming such bins, or on any unstable supports subject to vibration.

(c)  Meters should be easily accessible for reading, testing, and making necessary adjustments and repairs. When several meters are placed on one meter board the distance between centers should not, where practicable, be less than 15 inches, and each "house" loop should be tagged or marked to indicate the circuit metered.

(d)  Each customer shall provide a suitable and convenient place for the location of meters, where they will be readily accessible at any reasonable hour for the purpose of reading, testing, repairing, etc., and such other appliances owned by the utility and placed on the premises of the consumer shall be so placed as to be readily accessible at such times as are necessary, and the authorized agent of the utility shall have authority to visit such meters and appurtenances at such times as are necessary in the conduct of the business of the utility.