(a)  Upon reasonable notice, when requested in writing by the consumer, each utility shall test the accuracy of the meter in use by the consumer.

(b)  No deposit or payment shall be required from the consumer for a meter test, except when the consumer has requested, within the previous twelve months, that the same meter be tested, in which case the consumer shall be required by the utility to deposit with it an amount as determined by the Commission to cover the reasonable cost of such test.

(c)  A schedule of deposits or fees for testing various classifications of meters shall be filed with, and approved by, the Commission.

(d)  The amount so deposited with the utility shall be refunded or credited to the consumer (as a part of the settlement in the case of a disputed account) if the meter is found, when tested, to register more than 2% fast; otherwise the deposit shall be retained by the utility.

(e)  The consumer may, if he so requests, be present when the utility conducts the test on his meter, or if he desires, may provide (at his expense) an expert, or other representative appointed by him to be present at the time of the meter test.

(f)  A report of the results of the meter test shall be made within a reasonable time after the completion of the test. This report shall give the name of the consumer requesting the test, the date of the request, the location of the premises where the meter is installed, the type, make, size and serial number of the meter, the date of removal, the date tested, and the results of the test, a copy of which shall be supplied to the consumer upon request. The utility shall inform the consumer that he has a right to request such written copy of the report of the meter test.

(NCUC Docket No. E‑100, Sub 29, 11/29/77; NCUC Docket No. E-100, Sub 72, 6/22/94.)