(a)  Utilities are urged to investigate new, more efficient lighting systems as they are developed and, where such systems are efficient and economical to the consumer, to request approval of newer  systems as standard tariff items.

(b)  Luminaires with less than 33,000 lamp lumens

(1)           When new lighting systems of less than 33,000 lamp lumens are offered, at least one unit must be offered in each of the following standard lumen ranges before offerings may be made in other ranges.




(Nominal Lamp Lumen Ratings)


Area Lighting                                       Street Lighting

6,000 - 8,700                                          6,000 - 8,700

20,000 - 30,000                                   10,000 - 14,500

19,000 - 25,000

(2)           If a standard unit of the new type is not available in a lumen output range required in R8‑47(b)(1), the standard unit most closely meeting the lumen requirements of that range may be substituted.

(3)           The lumen ranges required for street lighting by R8‑47(b)(1) are based upon the light distributions on roadway and sidewalk areas resulting from the refractive characteristics of standard mercury vapor and high pressure sodium vapor point source luminaires. In order to qualify as meeting Rule R8‑47(b)(1), luminaire systems with other light distributions will require a corresponding adjustment of lamp lumen levels in order to equal the roadway and sidewalk illumination from these standard luminaires.

(c) Luminaires with 33,000 or more lamp lumens - New lighting systems may be offered in 33,000 lumen or larger size without being offered in the standard ranges required by Rule R8‑47(b).

(d) As newer, more efficient types of lighting sources become available and in substantial or predominant use, utilities will not be required to continue to offer the older, less efficient types of lighting for new service. Upon approval of the Commission, one or more sizes of the older types may be removed at one time from the schedule of offerings.

(NCUC Docket No. E‑100, Sub 30, 12/20/79; NCUC Docket No. E‑100, Sub 30, 12/28/79.)