(a)  Unless otherwise ordered by the Commission, each utility that files an application with the Commission seeking to change its rate tariffs, excluding adjustments of base rates for fuel costs, shall publish notice of such application in the local news media within thirty (30) days of the date of the Commission's order requiring such notice to be filed relative to the subject application. In addition, each utility will provide a bill insert notifying its consumers of such application within sixty (60) days of the Commission's order. The form of such notices will be supplied to the utility by the Commission and will normally contain the following information:

(1)           a description of the overall amount of the increase applied for in terms of dollars and in terms of percentage increase over current levels, and any proposed changes in tariff designs or tariff availability clauses;

(2)           a brief comparison of present versus proposed billings for the major rate categories for specified usage levels;

(3)           a schedule of times, dates, and locations of public hearings to be held with respect to the application;

(4)           a schedule of filing deadlines for persons interested in intervening in the case and a reference to Commission rules specifying the procedures for intervening;

(5)           a specification of a location where interested parties can review the documentation filed in support of the rate application and where  copies of the proposed rate tariffs and pleadings filed in the case can be obtained by the general public; and

(6)           any other information deemed appropriate by the Commission with regard to the utility's application.

(NCUC Docket No. E‑100, Sub 36, 1/5/81.)