It is the policy of the Commission that regulated telephone companies shall make 911 emergency telephone service available to local governmental agencies upon reasonable terms and time schedules as prescribed in relevant orders of the Commission. Every telephone company shall notify the Commission within ten (10) working days of an official request from a local governmental authority for the availability costs and implementation dates for the 911 emergency telephone number in the exchange(s) of that authority's jurisdiction. The telephone company's response must be made to the inquiring authority within sixty (60) days. Notice of the inquiry and telephone company's response shall be filed with the Chief Clerk who shall provide copies to the Communications Division of the Public Staff and to the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, 911 Section. The implementation of the 911 service shall be further in accordance with the provisions of the Commission's modified order of October 19, 1979, in Docket No. P‑100, Sub 48, Investigation of 911 Emergency Telephone Number.

(NCUC Docket No. P‑100, Sub 48, 7/27/79; NCUC Docket No. P‑100, Sub 48, 10/19/79.)