(A)  All local exchange companies except for these under price plans, shall file the following financial and operating information with the Public Staff and Commission Staff:

(1)           Total Company Balance Sheet - Current year and prior year

(2)           Total Company Income Statement - Current year and prior year

(2‑1)       North Carolina Operations Income Statement - Current year and prior year

(3)           Calculation of Intrastate Rate Base

(4)           Calculation of Intrastate Net Operating Income for Return

(5)           Analysis of Telecommunications Plan in Service - North Carolina operations

(6)           Analysis of Depreciation Reserve - North Carolina operations

(7)           Analysis of Salaries and Wages - North Carolina operations

(8)           Long‑term Debt Interest Charges - Total Company

(9)           Preferred Stock Issuances and Dividends - Total Company

(10)         Miscellaneous Information on Access Lines, Number of Employees, Common and Preferred Stock Dividends, and Toll Settlements

(B)  All company‑generated schedules or comparable substitutes for those schedules listed above which are prepared on a monthly basis shall be filed with the Commission on a monthly basis. The remainder of the schedules shall be filed on a quarterly basis.

(C)  These statements shall be filed 45 days after the last day of each month unless unusual circumstances dictate that additional time is needed, whereupon the telephone company may request and be granted up to an additional 15 days to complete the statements. The telephone companies shall file these statements with the North Carolina Utilities Commission - Operations Division and the Public Staff - Accounting Division.

(NCUC Docket No. P‑100, Sub 103, 11/29/88; 1/11/89; 4/15/93; 4/21/95; NCUC Docket No. P-100, Sub 72b, 01/02/04.)