(a)  Each sewer utility shall adopt a standard method for installing a sewer service connection, which may be included in the "connection charge." Such method shall be set out with a written description and drawings, together with a schedule of connection charges, to the extent necessary for a clear understanding of the requirements and shall be submitted to the Commission for its approval.

(b)  Temporary service shall be installed by mutual agreement.

(c)  The customer shall furnish and lay the necessary pipe to make the connection from the property line nearest the utility's sewer line to the point of use and shall keep the service line in good repair. The customer shall not make any change in or rebuild such service line without giving written notice to the utility. All of the foregoing shall be designated as "customer's service line."

(d)  In any case where a reasonable doubt exists as to the proper location and size for "customer's service line," the utility shall be consulted and its approval of the location and size of line be secured in writing.

(NCUC Docket No. S‑100, Sub 1, 8/23/67.)