Rule R10‑13     Refusal to Serve Applicants

(a)  Noncompliance with Rules and Regulations. — Any utility may decline to serve an applicant until he has complied with State regulations governing sewer service and the approved rules and regulations of the utility.

(b)  Utility's Facilities Inadequate. — Until adequate facilities can be provided, a utility may decline to serve an applicant if, in the best judgment of the utility, it does not have adequate facilities to render service applied for or if the intended use is of a character that is likely to affect unfavorable service to other customers.

(c)  Applicant's Recourse. — In the event that the utility shall refuse to serve an applicant under the provisions of this rule, or on other rules incorporated herein, the utility shall inform the applicant of the basis of its refusal, and the applicant may apply to the Commission for a ruling thereon.

(d)  Applicant's Facilities Inadequate. — The utility may refuse to serve an applicant if, in its judgment, the applicant's installation of sewer piping is regarded as hazardous or of such character that satisfactory service cannot be given.

(NCUC Docket No. S‑100, Sub 1, 8/23/67.)