All bills for sewerage service shall state whether the charge is based on a percentage of the water bill, flat rate, or other charge.

(1)           Those bills based upon a water meter billing shall show the readings of the water meter at the beginning and end of the time for which bill is rendered, the dates on which the readings were taken, the amount supplied and the price per unit.

(2)           Utilities desiring to adopt mechanical billing of such nature as to render compliance with all the terms of subdivision (1) impractical may make application to this Commission for relief therefrom. After considering such application, the Commission may, in its discretion, allow a departure from subdivision (1).

(3)           Meters will be read or flat rate billings rendered as nearly as possible at regular intervals. This interval may be monthly, or quarterly, however no change shall be made in the billing interval except on approval of the Commission.

(NCUC Docket No. S‑100, Sub 1, 8/23/67.)