(a)  Any semipublic service subscribed to from a LEC or LEC-affiliated PSP on or before October 7, 1997 must be allowed to continue until April 7, 1998. During this period, the semipublic service must be provided to the subscriber under the same monthly rates and conditions that applied immediately prior to detariffing of the service. On April 7, 1998, the monthly rates and conditions for service provided under this provision shall cease to be subject to Commission regulation.

(b)  The monthly rates and conditions for semipublic service initially subscribed to after October 7, 1997 are not subject to Commission regulation.

(c)  Rules R13-1 through R13-9 shall apply to the provision of any semipublic service.

(NCUC Docket No. P-100, Sub 84a, 10/7/97.)