(a)  Same contiguous premises. Property under common ownership or management that is not separated by property owned or managed by others. Property will be considered contiguous even if intersected by a public thoroughfare if, absent the thoroughfare, the property would be contiguous.

(b)  Shared use and resale of telephone service. A telecommunication arrangement where two or more unrelated parties located on the same contiguous premises utilize a common telephone service. This arrangement is also referred to as "shared tenant services" or "STS."

(c)  Provider. The subscriber to the local exchange telephone company offering shared and/or resold service to others.

(d)  End‑user. The party to whom resold or shared service is provided.  End‑users are persons or firms which are considered business subscribers under the regulations of the local exchange telephone company or are members of the exception group.

(e)  Exception group. End‑users who share service provided by a provider and who are patrons of hospitals, nursing homes, rest homes, licensed retirement centers, members of clubs or students living in quarters furnished by educational institutions, or persons temporarily subleasing residential premises.

(NCUC Docket No. P‑100, Sub 97, 2/26/88.)