R14A‑05               CONTRACT

A provider shall file with the Commission a copy of its standard contract with residential end‑users when it applies for a certificate. A provider shall have a written contract with each end‑user which shall contain the following provisions:

(a)           A statement of the terms and conditions of service including current rates and termination charges, if any;

(b)           A statement that the user may obtain service directly from the local telephone company;

(c)           The name and telephone number of a representative of the provider to whom complaints should be addressed;

(d)           A statement that a user may submit unresolved complaints about quality of service to the Utilities Commission;

(e)           A statement that at least thirty days written notice will be given prior to any rate increase (except that if a provider receives less than thirty days' notice of a rate increase to the provider, it shall give notice of any resulting rate increase to its end‑users as soon as practicable);

(f)            A statement that the contract shall be voidable at the option of the end‑user and without further liability to the end‑user if the contract is breached by the reseller or sharer;

(g)           A statement specifying when rates may be changed and the amount of increase that may be imposed during the contract period;

(h)           A statement that rates, charges, payment arrangements, rules on disconnection and deposit requirements are not regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission;

(i)            A statement specifying (1) the limitations of E911 emergency service regarding proper identification of the caller and the caller's location whenever a call is placed from a telephone station and (2) the limitations on portability or reuse of the assigned telephone number upon a move or transfer of service and (3) the limitations regarding intercept service provided by the local exchange company for direct inward dial (DID) numbers; and

(j)            A statement that a copy of this Chapter of the Rules and Regulations is available for inspection during business hours at the telephone offices of the provider and that a copy will be provided, free of charge, upon request of the end‑user.

(NCUC Docket No. P‑100, Sub 97, 11/14/89.)