(a)  Any CLP offering basic local exchange service, other than prepaid local exchange service for which exemptions of Commission Rule R17-2(f) are allowed, shall offer interLATA and intraLATA toll dialing parity for such basic local exchange service as prescribed in 47 CFR 51.209.

(b)  Dialing parity means the implementation of the full 2-PIC (Primary Interexchange Carrier) selection methodology.  The full 2‑PIC method generally allows customers to presubscribe to a telecommunications carrier for all 0+ and 1+ interLATA toll calls and presubscribe to the same or another telecommunications carrier (including, but not limited to, the customer's local exchange carrier) for all 0+ and 1+ intraLATA toll calls.

(c)  Customers who do not select a carrier for one or both types of long distance calls (intraLATA and/or interLATA toll calls) will be designated as "no-PIC" by the CLP for the handling of those types of long distance calls for which no telecommunications carrier was selected.  Customers with the "no-PIC" designation for either type of long distance call will be required to place those calls by accessing their choice of carrier through 101XXXX (dial‑around) access codes.

(d)  If long distance carriers must arrange for connection to CLP's facilities in order to participate in the presubscription process, the carriers must be advised of that opportunity before orders for exchange service are taken.

(e)  Each new customer must be given the choice of carriers by the service representative in a competitively neutral manner when the order for the exchange service is placed.

(NCUC Docket No. P-100, Sub 133, 9/21/00.)