(a)  No charge for connection or disconnection, charge for late payment, or similar charge in addition to the rate specified in Rule R18-6 shall be allowed.

(b)  A returned check charge as provided for in Rule R18-6(d) shall be allowed.

(c)  No provider may disconnect water or sewer service for nonpayment.

(d)  Bills shall be rendered at least monthly.

(e)  The date after which a bill for water or sewer utility service is due, or the past due after date, shall be disclosed on the bill and shall not be less than 25 days after the billing date.

(f)  A provider shall not bill for or attempt to collect for excess usage resulting from a plumbing malfunction or other condition which is not known to the lessee or which has been reported to the provider.

(g)  Every provider shall provide to each lessee at the time the lease agreement is signed, and shall maintain in its business office, in public view, near the place where payments are received, the following:

(1)           A copy of the rates, rules and regulations of the provider applicable to the premises served from that office.

(2)           A copy of these rules and regulations.

(3)           A statement advising lessees that they should first contact the provider's office with any questions they may have regarding bills or complaints about service, and that in cases of dispute, they may contact the Commission either by calling the Public Staff - North Carolina Utilities Commission, Consumer Services Division, at (866) 380-9816 (toll-free) or 919-733-9277, or by appearing in person or writing the Public Staff - North Carolina Utilities Commission, Consumer Services Division, 4326 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-4300.

(h)  Each provider shall adopt some means of informing its lessees as to the method of reading meters. Information on bills shall be governed by Chapter 7, Rule R7‑23 and Chapter 10, Rule R10-19. Additionally, the bill shall contain a toll-free phone number for contacting the provider or the agent regarding service or billing matters. Adjustment of bills for meter error shall be governed by Chapter 7, Rule R7-25. Testing of water meters shall be governed by Chapter 7, Rules R7-28 through R7-33.


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