(a)  A LEC or CLP that is the subject of a petition under any provision of the federal Bankruptcy Code shall immediately file with the Commission the following materials and shall keep them updated through further filings with the Commission throughout the duration of the bankruptcy proceeding:

(1)           A complete copy of the bankruptcy petition;

(2)           The name, address, and telephone number of any trustee in its bankruptcy proceeding; and

(3)           The names, addresses and telephone numbers of all attorneys representing the LEC or CLP in its bankruptcy proceeding.

(b)  During the pendency of the bankruptcy proceeding, the LEC or CLP shall file with the Commission, immediately upon their being filed with or issued by the Bankruptcy Court, the following materials:

(1)           Copies of all orders or rulings of the Bankruptcy Court that have an impact on the provision of North Carolina telecommunications service by the LEC or CLP, or on the discontinuance or reduction of such service;

(2)           Copies of any plan under Chapter 11 or any other chapter of the Bankruptcy Code that is approved by the Bankruptcy Court or is formally submitted to creditors for their approval or disapproval; and

(3)           Copies of any other documents filed with or issued by the Bankruptcy Court that the Commission directs the LEC or CLP to file.

(c)  Nothing contained in this Rule is intended to interfere with the jurisdiction or authority of the Bankruptcy Court under the Bankruptcy Code.


(NCUC Docket No. P‑100, Sub 162, 08/30/06.)