(a)  Every provider is a public utility as defined by G.S. 62-3(23)a.1. and shall comply with and be subject to all applicable provisions of the Public Utilities Act and all applicable rules and regulations of the Commission, except as hereinafter provided.

(b)  A provider who charges for electric service under this Rule:

(1)           is solely responsible for the prompt payment of all bills rendered by the supplier and is the retail customer of the supplier subject to all rules, regulations, tariffs, riders, and service regulations associated with the provision of residential electric service to retail customers of the supplier;

(2)           is not considered a wholesale customer of the supplier; and

(3)           is not subject to the requirements of G.S. 62-133.8, 62-133.9, or Rules R8‑67 through R8-69.

(c)  No provider shall begin charging for the costs of providing electric service prior to applying for and receiving a certificate of authority from the Commission.


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