(a)  Every application for authority to charge for the costs of providing electric service shall be in such form and detail as the Commission may prescribe and shall include:

(1)           a description of the lessor, who is the applicant, including legal name and type of business entity, and a description of the property to be served, including business or marketing name, if any, street address, and number of units;

(2)           a description of the proposed billing method and billing statements;

(3)           the proposed method of allocating the supplier's charges to the lessees;

(4)           the administrative fee per lessee, returned check charge, and late payment charge, if any, proposed to be charged by the applicant, and the number of days after the bill is mailed or otherwise delivered when the late payment fee would begin to be applied;

(5)           the applicant's plans for retention and availability of records;

(6)           the name of and contact information for the applicant and its agents, including mailing address, email address, and telephone number;

(7)           the name of and contact information for the supplier of electric service to the applicant's rental property;

(8)           the current schedule of charges from the supplier;

(9)           a copy of the lease forms to be used by the applicant for lessees who are billed for electric service pursuant to this Chapter;

(10)         a statement indicating the particular provisions of the lease forms pertaining to billing for electric service;

(11)         the verified signature of the applicant or applicant's authorized representative;

(12)         the required filing fee;

(13)         one (1) original and seven (7) collated copies of the application; and

(14)         any additional information that the Commission may require.

(b)  An applicant may submit for authority to charge for electric service for more than one property in a single application. Information relating to all properties covered by the application need only be provided once in the application. However, if any of the information required by the application differs for different properties, the differences must be clearly explained.

(c)  The Commission shall approve or disapprove an application within 60 days of the filing of a completed application with the Commission. If the Commission has not issued an Order disapproving a completed application within 60 days, the application shall be deemed approved; provided, however, no person or entity may charge for electric service in a manner inconsistent with Chapter 62 of the North Carolina General Statutes.

(d)  An approved certificate of authority from the Commission to charge for the costs of providing electric service under these rules shall be delivered to the supplier from which the provider purchases electric service and include information in Rule R22‑4(a)(1) and (6).


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