(a)  The provider shall maintain for a minimum of 36 months records that demonstrate how each tenant's allocated costs were calculated for electric service, as well as any other electric utility service-related fees charged to each tenant.

(b)  All records required to be maintained by the provider pursuant to section (a), shall be kept at an office at the apartment complex or some other designated local address and shall be made available during regular business hours for inspection by a tenant, the Commission, or the Public Staff.  The tenant may obtain a copy of those records at a reasonable cost, which shall not exceed twenty-five cents (25˘) per page.

(c)  Providers shall not be required to file an annual report to the Commission as required by Rule R1-32.

(d)  Providers shall pay a regulatory fee and file a regulatory fee report as required by Rule R15-1.

(e)  Special reports shall also be made concerning any particular matter upon request by the Commission.


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