section .0500 community revitalization projects



(a) The Community Revitalization category includes activities in which a majority of funds is directed towards improving, preserving or developing residential areas. All eligible CDBG activities may be undertaken for the purpose of community revitalization. Applications for funding may involve single or multiple activities, addressing one or more needs in the area. All Community Revitalization activities, must be carried out within defined project areas. Community Revitalization funds shall be distributed to eligible units of local government on a competitive basis. Community Revitalization projects shall be evaluated against other Community Revitalization project proposals.

(b) The Community Revitalization category includes a subcategory for Revitalization Strategies activities which provides funds to selected governments to address multiple need in high poverty areas. This new subcategory shall provide funding to help carry out a long term revitalization strategy. Up to three hundred fifty thousand dollars ($350,000) per year, shall be awarded to eligible local government to carry out a strategy over three to five years. Revitalization Strategies funds may be used for any of the following components as part of strategies to address high poverty arrears in Tier 1/Tier 2 counties and non-entitlement municipalities with State Development Zones: housing, public services, economic development, public facilities, infrastructure. Activities must be targeted toward a defined geographical area that has at least 25% poverty and must involve collaboration with community/economic development organizations and partners.

(c) The Community Revitalization category includes a subcategory for concentrated needs activities which provides funds for improving, preserving, or developing residential neighborhoods. Concentrated Needs may not include more than one project. A project may have two sub-areas. Projects may have single or multiple activities except a project may not have only water and sewer activities. The maximum award amount for a Concentrated Needs application is seven hundred thousand dollars ($700,000). The highest priority is given to housing needs, substandard housing, lack of water/sewer, and the second priority is given to neighborhood needs (streets and drainage). Concentrated needs funds can be used for rehabilitation, acquisition, clearance, relocation, disposition, water and wastewater, and streets and drainage.


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