07 NCAC 02H .0108         REGISTRATION

(a)  The Government and Heritage Library shall maintain a collection of materials and equipment that shall be available for use to the public.

(b)  Borrowing privileges shall only be granted to citizens of the State and State employees who have registered with the Government and Heritage Library.

(c)  To register for borrowing privileges, each individual shall appear in person and provide the Library with the following information on a form provided by the Library:

(1)           name;

(2)           address;

(3)           telephone number;

(4)           email address;

(5)           date of birth;

(6)           physical driver's license, or state-issued photo identification, if over the age of 16; and

(7)           signature or signature of parent or guardian, if under the age of 16.

(d)  The Library shall provide all registered borrowers with a Library card at no cost. The card may be presented in order to check-out materials in the Library's collection. If a borrower cannot present his or her card, the borrower's status may be confirmed by providing the librarian with his or her name and address. If a card is lost or stolen, the borrower may request a replacement card, at no charge, by providing the librarian with the information contained in Paragraph (c) of this Rule.

(e)  Borrowers shall notify the Library of any change in their information required by Paragraph (c) of this Rule. Failure to inform the Library of these changes may result the restriction or suspension of borrowing privileges as set forth in Rule .0109 of this Section.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 125-2(4); 143B-10;

Eff. September 1, 2017.