10A ncac 13B .3102      PLAN APPROVAL

(a)  The facility design and construction shall be in accordance with the construction standards of the Division, the North Carolina Building Code, and local municipal codes.

(b)  Submission of Plans:

(1)           Before construction is begun, color marked plans and specifications covering construction of the new buildings, alterations or additions to existing buildings, or any change in facilities shall be submitted to the Division for approval.

(2)           The Division shall review the plans and notify the licensee that said buildings, alterations, additions, or changes are approved or disapproved.  If plans are disapproved the Division shall give the applicant notice of deficiencies identified by the Division.

(3)           In order to avoid unnecessary expense in changing final plans, as a preliminary step, proposed plans in schematic form shall be submitted by the applicant to the Division for review.

(4)           The plans shall include a plot plan showing the size and shape of the entire site and the location of all existing and proposed facilities.

(5)           Plans shall be submitted in triplicate in order that the Division may distribute a copy to the Department of Insurance for review of North Carolina State Building Code requirements and to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for review under state sanitation requirements.

(c)  Location:

(1)           The site for new construction or expansion shall be approved by the Division.

(2)           Hospitals shall be so located that they are free from noise from railroads, freight yards, main traffic arteries, schools and children's playgrounds.

(3)           The site shall not be exposed to smoke, foul odors, or dust from industrial plants.

(4)           The area of the site shall be sufficient to permit future expansion and to provide parking facilities.

(5)           Available paved roads, water, sewage and power lines shall be taken into consideration in selecting the site.

(d)  The bed capacity and services provided in a facility shall be in compliance with G.S. 131E, Article 9 regarding Certificate of Need.  A facility shall be licensed for no more beds than the number for which required physical space and other required facilities are available.  Neonatal Level II, III and IV beds are considered part of the licensed bed capacity.  Level I bassinets are not considered part of the licensed bed capacity however, no more bassinets shall be placed in service than the number for which required physical space and other required facilities are available.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131E-79;

Eff. January 1, 1996;

Temporary Amendment Eff. March 15, 2002;

Amended Eff. April 1, 2003.