(a)  Whether the facility utilizes a centralized or decentralized organizational structure, a nurse executive shall be responsible for the coordination of nursing organizational functions.

(b)  A nurse executive shall develop facility wide patient care programs, policies and procedures that describe how the nursing care needs of patients are assessed, met and evaluated.

(c)  The nurse executive shall develop and adopt, subject to the approval of the facility, a set of administrative policies and procedures to establish a framework to accomplish required functions.

(d)  There shall be scheduled meetings, at least every 60 days, of the members of the nursing staff to evaluate the quality and efficiency of nursing services.  Minutes of these meetings shall be maintained.

(e)  The nurse executive shall be responsible for:

(1)           the development of a written organizational plan which describes the levels of accountability and responsibility within the nursing organization;

(2)           identification of standards and policies and procedures related to the delivery of nursing care;

(3)           planning for and the evaluation of the delivery of nursing care delivery system;

(4)           establishment of a mechanism to validate qualifications, knowledge, and skills of nursing personnel;

(5)           provision of orientation and educational opportunities related to expected nursing performance, and maintenance of records pertaining thereto;

(6)           implementation of a system for performance evaluation;

(7)           provision of nursing care services in conformance with the North Carolina Nursing Practice Act;

(8)           assignment of nursing staff to clinical or managerial responsibilities based upon educational preparation, in conformance with licensing laws and an assessment of current competence; and

(9)           staffing nursing units with sufficient personnel in accordance with a written plan.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131E-79;

Eff. January 1, 1996.