(a)  Neonatal infant units shall be on the same floor as post-partum nursing units. No nursery shall open directly into another nursery.  Each nursery shall contain the following:

(1)           Lavatory located within 20 feet travel distance of each bassinet;

(2)           Emergency calling system;

(3)           Glazed observation windows for viewing infants from public areas; and

(4)           Charting facilities.

(b)  A full term nursery shall contain not more than 24 bassinets.  The minimum floor area per bassinet shall be 30 square feet exclusive of fixed work or storage counters, toilet rooms, or vestibules less than six feet wide.  There shall be available three feet clear in all directions for each bassinet.

(c)  Each nursery shall be served by a connecting workroom.  It shall contain gowning facilities at the entrance for staff and housekeeping personnel, lavatory, and storage area.  One workroom may serve more than one nursery.

(d)  Space for examination and treatment shall contain a counter, storage, and a lavatory.  It may serve more than one nursery room and may be located in a workroom.

(e)  If commercially-prepared formula is not used, space and equipment to accommodate the handling, storage, and preparation of formula shall be provided.

(f)  A janitor's closet for the exclusive use of the housekeeping staff in maintaining the nursery suite shall be provided.  It shall contain a floor receptor or service sink and storage space for housekeeping equipment and supplies.

(g)  Doors to nurseries shall be no less than three feet wide.  If doors are provided directly from nurseries to public corridors or public spaces, they shall be equipped with "one-way" hardware for exit only to prevent unauthorized entry.

(h)  Smoke detection shall be provided in each nursery bed space.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131E-79;

Eff. January 1, 1996.